Youth Initiative

Statistics show that 42% of self-identified LGBTQ people report living in unwelcoming environments.

With tens of millions of LGBTQ people in the U.S., and disproportionate numbers indicating increased percentages of LGBTQ individuals in younger generations, the need to address the concern of unhealthy and unwelcoming living environments in the community is imperative to the future wellbeing of our society.

As more individuals are engaged and educated by programming created to promote tolerance for the LGBTQ community, the environmental impact that we are able to influence and shift will increase.

With this in mind, the Latino GLBT History Project has begun to extend its resources and support out to our younger community members as a part of our new Youth Initiative.

We invite you to inquire about opportunities to get involved with this new effort, and thank you for your support as we seek to serve those most vulnerable in our community.

Youth Initiative Programs

Create Your History

We all want our community to thrive.

Join the Latino GLBT History Project as we kick off our new project, "Create Your History" which aims to provide homeless LGBTQ+ Youth of Color skills, experience, and the confidence needed to find living-wage jobs through image and job attainment consulting.

Follow our social media for news on upcoming events and activities to get involved with as a part of our Youth Initiative.

Johnny Vasquez , DC hairstylist

Johnny Vasquez, DC hairstylist