Wilmer Gutierrez


Wilmer “Wil” Gutierrez moved from El Salvador to Washington, D.C. when he was eleven years old. After embarking on a study-abroad program in Rome, Italy, Gutierrez returned to the U.S. empowered and used his experiences to come out to friends and family. Apart from LHP, Gutierrez has also volunteered with AFS Intercultural Programs, another volunteer-led organization for student exchange program. Wil worked at WilmerHale and for two years and was a legislative aide to the first Latina elected as Council Member and Council President in Montgomery County, Nancy Navarro. Wil was very active in Montgomery County leading groups of Latinos to become more engaged in civil society. Gutierrez joined the Latino GLBT History Project three years ago in an effort to create safe spaces where the community can celebrate its dual identities. He served as 2013 DC Latino Pride Co-Chair and opened up doors for LHP to display it's historical archives collection at libraries in Montgomery Country Library. Wil Gutierrez currently resides in Washington, DC.