Digital Exhibitions

The Latino GLBT History Project’s Archival Collection is among handful of repositories entirely dedicated to documenting the unique intersection of Latino activism and queer identity. We have the largest collection of materials covering over 25 years of Latino Activism in the Washington area’s LGBT Community. Our collection, which consists of records and other documentation concerning the work of local and national leaders, artists and performers, organizations and events in history such as historic marches, Pride activities and the AIDS epidemic. Included in the collection are photographs, manuscripts, posters, banners, pins, video and audiotapes of oral histories, film and video of historic events, newsletters and periodicals.

From this collection we have created a series of digital photo exhibits, which have been showcased at various Latino GLBT History Project events. Please find a list of the exhibitions available online:

  • Quinceañera featured at LHP's 9th Annual DC Latino Pride Celebration on June 4th & 11th, 2015
  • Positivamente Latino featured at LHP's 8th Annual DC Latino Pride Celebration on May 29 and June 5, 2014
  • Héroes Latinos: HIV Advocates Collection presented by LHP at the Gay Men's Health Summit on July 21, 2012 - Coming Soon
  • Timeline of LGBT Latino Events in Washington, DC shown at the 5th Annual DC Latino Pride in 2011 - Coming Soon

Positivamente Latino. The Latino GLBT History Project presents the Historical Exhibit "Positivamente Latino", an exhibit showcasing HIV/AIDS activism and the activists who have raised awareness about HIV/AIDS in the Latino community.  This exhibit showcases advocates of HIV/AIDS and health awareness and prevention, as well as Latinos of the Greater Washington, DC area living with HIV/AIDS and their courage to share their experiences. Also featured are posters targeted to the Latino LGBT community. The Latino GLBT History Project would like to thank exhibit chair Erick Fernandez and the generous support from the Richard Van Der Karr Memorial HIV/AIDS Fund, Brother,  Help Thyself.

The Writing on the Wall: Selected HIV/AIDS public awareness posters from the LHP archive collection

The digital exhibit features HIV/AIDS public awareness posters, funded by organizations such as La Clínica del Pueblo, D.C. Concerned Providers Coalition (DCCP), Whitman-Walker Clinic, and D.C. Department of Health and Human Services. The posters punctuate the impact of HIV/AIDS on the LGBT Latino Community emphasizing individual self-awareness, honesty, and accountability. The posters date back from 1990 to 2000. This exhibit is made possible by Brother, Help Thyself's Richard Van Der Karr Memorial HIV/AIDS Fund. 

Mujeres en el Movimiento

Mujeres en el Movimiento” features a collection of portraits and profiles of lesbian, bisexual and Transgender Latina activists who have made significant contributions to empower and increase the visibility of LGBT Latinas and Latinos in metropolitan Washington, D.C. This year’s exhibit will also highlight advocates in action at various rallies and memorable moments from our movement dating back to the 1990s. The Mujeres en el Movimiento digital photo exhibit includes Martha Alvarado, Nilda Aponte, Yajaira Arreaza, Hilary Burger, Candy Cintron, Ingrid Duran, Laura M. Esquivel, Letitia Gomez, Margarita Lopez, Lisbeth Melendez-Rivera, Dilcia Molina, Lucia G. Perillan, Catherine M. Pino, Olga Rodriguez, May Sifuentes, Rosa Roldan-Torres, Lupe Valdez, Eva Young, Maria Cecilia Zea, Beatriz Zuluaga, Alexa Rodriguez, Amanda Gutierrez, Ana Gomez, Jai Martin, Jennifer Sanchez, Maria de Jesus Serna, Nancy Canas, Sophia Gaggero, Consuella Lopez, and Lena Hernandez. The photographs were taken by local photographer Kevin Kenner and donated from the collections of Ingrid Duran & Catherine Pino, Laura Esquivel, Letitia Gomez and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

This collection celebrates Hispanic Heritage and LGBT History months with the "25 Años del Activismo" (25 Years of Activism) exhibit
capturing moments in history over the past 25 years since the first national Latino LGBT meeting at the 1987 Gay & Lesbian March on Washington. Activists from Portland to Los Angeles to Albuquerque to Dallas to New York to Washington, DC and Orlando have donated
photographs to recreate that moment in history of a national gathering and movement building experience through a digital photo exhibit. The exhibit also features a selection of rarely seen artifacts from the LHP Archives Collection. The Latino GLBT History Project would like to thank our recent supporters and donors who have made this exhibition possible. Felix Arrieta, Miguel Ayala, Ruby Corado, Wilson Cruz, Anthony Duarte, Francisco Duenas, Ingrid Duran & Catherine Pino, Empodérate Youth Center of La Clínica del Pueblo, Laura Esquivel, Anabel Evora, David Damian Figueroa, Jesse Garcia, Letitia Gomez, Ruben Gonzales, Dan Guerrero, Jose Gutierrez, Esther Hidalgo, Raul Hinojosa, Jr., Wilfred Labiosa, Arianna Inurritegui Lint, League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC Rainbow Council 4871, Omar Lopez-Jara, David Martinez, Eddie Martinez, Lisbeth Melendez-Rivera, John Moya, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Roger Ortiz, David M. Pérez, Alexa Rodriguez, Russell Roybal, Bamby Salcedo, Pedro Julio Serrano, Jorge Andres Soto, John Trevino and Richard Zaldivar.

This collection of photographs features statistics on employment discrimination, which was discussed at a panel discussion on May 30, 2012 during the 6th Annual DC Latino Pride Plática panel discussion. The digital exhibit features black & white photos by Kevin Kenner of 5 transgender Latina and Latino leaders from metropolitan Washington, D.C. and their biographies outlining their contributions to increase the visibility of and empower LGBTQ Latinos and Latinas.